Monday, January 12, 2009

Matt Green: Plug My Friends (and Family) #1

The above picture is my brother Matt Green playing drums for his late 90's hard rock group wormwood. Like most bands, they broke up before really playing much outside of their home town. In this case it was the upstate of South Carolina.

He made a decision sometime in 2002 after taking 2 years of jazz drum lessons in the wake of wormwood's breakup: He was going to move to Nashville, go to audio recording school, and make an album entirely by himself.

So he moved there in March of 2003 and finished his intensive program at SAE about 9 months later. He bought a Pro Tools rig and started tinkering in the various basements and garages he lived in for the next several years.

Pretty much every conversation I've had with him in the past 6 years has been about this album he's been working on. He'd play me a riff or a keyboard line that he was superproud of and try to convince me that it was a #1 hit in the making.

He obsessed over this stuff so much I even wrote an article about him for my feature writing class back in college (for the life of me I could not find a copy of when writing this post). In that piece I straight up asked Matt if he had mental problems:

"I've got mental solutions. The only difference between genius and insanity is the amount of success you have. I guess we'll find out."

This past month my brother finally had his album Patterns of the Humans mixed, mastered, and duplicated. It's for sale online through most available digital retailers but he prefers people use Digstation.

Yes that is my father and my son Elijah on the cover horrifically altered.

I made a facebook page for him. He also recently told me he'd done a HUGE concert for the 30,000 invisible people that live in his basement. He said it went really well.

You can download one his songs for free here.

I know this music will not be for everyone but give it a shot. After all, 30,000 invisible people can't be wrong.


  1. yikes, that picture is scary! :)

  2. dude i just downloaded the album, I've only listened to a few tracks but I like it. He has some really cool effects going on. The songs sure sound a lot crazier listening to them through headphones at work than driving down the road in the car talking to people.